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A Musical Masterpiece From Junglee Home Video

The term Naga folk blues may seem all too confusing even to the most ardent music fan, quite a contradiction to its actual sound though. Junglee home video’s latest release Songs of Mashangva, a National Award winning docu-feature in 2011, directed by Oinam Doren,  showcases how the King Of Naga folk blues – Guru Rewben Mashangva and his son travel far and wide to take their ancestral musical culture to corners of India their forefathers could never have imagined. The film is shot across mesmerising locations in Rajasthan, Shillong, Nagaland, Kolkata and some mysterious foggy villages of Manipur. Songs of Mashangva is now available on DVD across all leading music and retail stores


Say Ganapati Bappa With Shubha Mudgal

Prepare your homes and your hearts, for the most loved deity of all. Celebrate the coming of Lord Ganesha with Times Music’s landmark album of the year – Shubh Ganesh by Shubha Mudgal. Featuring a mix of both old and new bhajans, the album is a tribute to the magnificence of Lord Ganesh. Open up to the ever giving Lord as you sing and chant along with Shubha Mudgal to this melodious masterpiece of an album. Shubh Ganesh is Shubha Mudgal’s first ever Ganesha album, but it is her inimitable rustic voice that sets it apart from all the others in the market. So as you make way for the great Lord himself, also make way for some fabulous devotional music to celebrate his arrival. You can also ask your music retailer for the Times Music Spiritual Offer and win a Free Ganesha Idol!