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Yoga for Anti-Aging :Part 1

Dr Surakshit Goswami talks about various asanas (postures) that help slow down the aging process. The question he answers in this set of related asanas is a simple one…Can we stop aging?? Or may be simpler…How do we age??

The solution is easy and handy, and he himself sets an example of what this Yoga can do. The attached video demonstrates two such anti-aging asanas: Nabhyasan and Sethubandanasan.

However complicated the names may seem, the asanas are easy and demand JUST 15 mins from your daily routine.

Benefits of Nabhyasan :

(1) Belly Reduction :It srengthens your heart and core muscles, reduces obesity and the waistline
(2) It helps digestion, improves blood circulations and thereby helps in detoxification of the body.

Caution : Avoid this asana if you suffer from hernia or pain in lower back and waist.

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Anti Aging Yoga: Part 1

Benefits of Sethubandasan:

(1) Menstrual and Urinary Problems :It is beneficial in urinary and gynaecological disorders
(2) It improves digestion and helps to keep the heart lungs and thyroid glands healthy.

This is extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from lower back pain. strengthens the muscles, supporting the knees thigh stomach and the waist

Don’t age so quickly! Yoga is a trade off for medicines, beauty treatments etc. You can look the most attractive in even your simplest attire. Decide for yourself!

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A Healthy Guarantee

If anyone can make you fit, Vrinda Mehta can… or so say her long list of Bollywood celeb clients like Amitabh & Jaya Bachchan, Karan Johar, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and Twinkle Khanna to name a few. The celebrity fitness trainer’s new DVD called I Can Make You Fit now out on Times Wellness is a great combination of cardio & toning exercises focused on keeping your heart rate in the fat burning zone so that you shed those extra kilos in no time. It also features some very helpful nutritional tips to go with the workout and a yoga & meditation segment to rejuvenate your body and mind. Pick up your copy of the DVD from your nearest music or retail store.

Times Wellness

Today’s youth learn from television programs and online sites about topics of interest like Health. People are finding it difficult to lead a life without tension. Many travel to work in difficult conditions. Working hours have increased. Eating habits have changed. it has become more erratic Hence er have a wellness brand called Times Wellness. It is a health and wellness portal and a fortnightly supplement published by the Times Group.

This Is Us Right Now !!

    TIGHT IN 20, is a well researched program, a simplifiled formula of losing weight around the stomach and making it stronger. This is a simple, straight in the face workout which even beginners can do, right in their homes, offices or outdoor. The instructions are scientific and educative in nature.

MRP Rs. 250/-

Mickey Mehta’s METAMORPHISE is a productive physical workout. It’s a combination of Calisthenics, Agility drills, Boot camp, Pilates, Yoga, core strengthening and functional training.

These exercises increase your core strength, stability, help in attaining muscle co-ordination and increasing endurance.

MRP Rs. 250/-

POWERYOGA enhances your flexibility through a rigorous full-body workout. It helps to develop muscles and tone the body. It also reduces fat cells. This challenge improves endurance & promotes mental stability and   concentration.

MPR Rs. 300/-

PRANAYAM is a self-healing technique based on controlling the life force through the regulation of breathing. It is used in yoga as a separate practice to help clear and cleanse the mind and body. This audio-visual DVD is a step-by-step guide to the authentic Pranayam techniques as prescribed by the yogashastra. It is a complete guide for beginners in yoga and demonstrates various asanas by the renowed exponent of Pranayam,  Dr.Surashit Goswami.

MRP Rs. 250/-

PRAN OORJA, conceived by Dr.Surakshit Goswami, is a combination of kriyas, aasanas & prananyams based on age old Ashtangyoga.  30 minutes of definitive result-oriented yoga .

MRP Rs.195/-

The PILATES – THE ART OF BODY DYNAMICS method helps you to look better and above all feel better. The  Pilates Method improves your flexibility , strength and stamina, your balance,co-ordination and breathing.

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JUMPSTART is a 30 minute equipment-free total bodyworkout. It includes effortless exercise aimed to tone every part of your body. So go ahead, and see the difference for yourself !

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BURN IT aims to help you acquire the body you’ve always dreamed of.It works on a separate muscle every single day allowing you to do justice to your entire body through the week. It works for beginners as well as fitness freaks.

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T’AI CHI endows you with immense physical, emotional and spiritual healing benefits. It increases your speed, Reflexes, power and endurance. Featured on this DVD is India’s only Certified T’ai Chi guru “Sensei Sandeep Desai.

About T’AI CHI – 04:00 Min
7 Simple exercises – 25:30 Min
14 Joint Loosening Exercises – 24:30 Min
7 Advances Stretches – 08:00 Min

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‘WHO THE HELL THOUGHT OF THIS IDEA CALLED MARRIAGE’ explores the lives of two couples ‘Shiv & Maya’ and ‘ Anjali & Sumit’. The Film takes an unbaised look at the lives of young couples today and their quest to achieve a love that transcends expectations and conditions.

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HAPPINESS INDEX explores the journey to overcome expectations and desires; forget the past, not depend on the future, live in the present, not ask others for happiness, instead create it and share it with them. It will help  develop calm, calm, clear thinking and personal well-being.

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SELF MANAGEMENT, is learning how to accept total RESPONSIBLITY for our self, have healthy RELATIONSHIPS, play the right ROLE and use the RESOURCES we already have within us in the most effective ways, and thereby fullfill our life’s mission to be happy and at peace with our self and with the world.

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JALDI FIT is a carefully designed safe, simple and effective excercise plan. The technique and benefits are clearly demonstrated. All you need is 4 simple everyday household objects: A chair,atowel, 500ml water bottles and a carpet or a mat. You’re now all set to get Jaldi Fit!

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